My collaboration with BotanicalDEN

My collaboration with BotanicalDEN

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Kristina, the owner of BotanicalDEN, an online shop based in Geraldton- Australia selling hand-crafted fresh blooms.

I knew her since she wanted to design the shop logo and I had so much fun doing it.  Since  I love so much the floral theme (you’ll probably know by now), my collaboration with BotanicalDEN was a perfect project for me and a great opportunity to meet another artist which creativity it’s inspirational for me. In her online shop, Kristina sells beautiful bouquets she personally creates for different occasions and every week she makes something new with seasonal flowers. How beautiful is this idea? I would love to have fresh and sweet-smelling flowers on my desk! They are so beautiful and taste of Kristina is so good for amazing blooms perfect for special gifts!

What makes me more proud, it’s that Kristina choose some of my cards to be in her shop! Since the common floral theme, she’ll have my “Floral I Love you” cards to be part of her bouquets gifts together with other beautiful products (one of them is chocolate!)

This is a great opportunity for my little business and for my art!

You can read and discover more about BotanicalDEN here , go check out also her instagram page.