About a cup of creativity
about acupofcreativity


I’m Chiara, Founder and Creative Director of a Cup of Creativity. After my studies in architecture, coming with a strong background and love in art and design, in 2013 I started working as an illustrator.

Inspired by a feminine, timeless and childhood style, I opened an Etsy Shop working as an illustrator for various clients and creating many on demand illustrations. This gave me the opportunity to not only grow as a designer, but also meet other fantastic artists and share my drawings to people all over the world.

Soon I started working also as a graphic designer especially as book designer on various fileds and I was able to turn within a year my dream job into a full-time business. Being so passionate about my work, I always do my best in delivering high-quality work on time, paying much attention to each customer’s needs and requirements. 

I really think that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them and I love to help people doing it. I believe in working with a strong and passionate behavior but also knowing that perfection doesn’t exist.

I live in Italy and when I’m not working on the computer, I like to take long walks outdoor, collecting (many!) plants and baking brownies.