Back to watercolor!

It has been so much time from last time I wrote a post. I was so busy with work, I started working as freelance illustrator online. I’m happy about that but it’s nice to be back to my blog.  And I love so much working on my personal projects! So back to watercolor!  I’d love to post once a month a illustration or a sketch and talk a bit about what I’ve done!

Since summer has already arrived and here in Italy is definitely hot, I draw a summer inspired illustration. Obviously it could’n miss one of my beloved animals, this was the time for a bear  with a floral wreath and a swimsuit a bit vintage. As usual I use my Winsor&Netwon watercolor pads, then I add more details and shadow with pastels. This time I also use the staedtler pigment liner 0.1 for the detail of the eye, but I’m not sure about that since it leaves a different final texture.

This illustration is available as PRINT 8×8 in/ 20×20 cm or as CARD version 4×6 in / 10,5×15 cm

See you soon, Chiara