Watercolor Fox Home Wall Art

Hi everyone! This post will be about my watercolor fox home wall art and I’ll share the creative process behind it. I imagined the life of a little fox during a winter day. While outside the snow falls and the night is lit only by distant stars, all the animals are hidden in their dens. And in a town far away, on the top of a hill in the woods the little fox lives in his cozy house. Inside there’s only a warm fire that heat the house. The fox is reading an adventure book dreaming about wonderful stories that he could only image while he is seated comfortably on the sofa.

I image this little house and I tried to recreate the inside of it, with all the different shades of wood used to build it and a big library filled with books.I was inspired to make this watercolor fox home wall art, looking to Carson Ellis’s beautiful artworks in her book Home.I’ve done several sketches before I was quite satisfied with the scene and the colors, adding each time details to make the house more real.. like the plants, the wall arts and other decorations. I would love to recreate this same house with the little fox in different season of the year changing the story and the decorations inside.

For this wall art I used a thick 300 gr Fabriano Paper (which I really like it) and my Winsor&Netwon watercolors in pads. After I make the first watercolor layer, I choose to add more color and details using colored pencils. I really like to use the Fabriano Paper, one of the best on the market, that ensures a good yield and which is resistant to many watercolor layers. I have it in the format 50×70 cm, a size unusual for me, but you can choose even to cut in smaller pieces.

You can find a limited edition of 10 prints of this painting in my shop here ! I hope you’ll like it!

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